Why Choose Us

YPCC is ready to help you through quality course program with more affordable fee than other courses. Here you will be cultivated so you can master various abilities including the skill to operate the software, the principle of creating high quality products and having the concept of thinking to optimize the job and so on, so that you will master it and deserve to get certificate.

Affordable Fee with Semi-Private Classes (Max. 4)

With learning quality we have, the fee of each class is certainly more affordable than another courses in the same field. Furthermore, we also offer a special fee. Especially for student with valid student card, we are willing to offer lower fee.

Another advantage we have is that our classes are semi private classes. Through a lean study group, both you and our teaching staff will more concentrate on achieving the targeted material understanding.

The First Training Institution Presenting Jewelry Design Class

One of classes we have is Jewelry CAD Dream Master Class. It is the first one 3D Jewelry Design Training Program in Indonesia. With us, you have an opportunity to learn promising skill about how a jewelry can have more aesthetic value, pleasant, and wearable.

In addition, Jewelry CAD Dream Mastrer has become a leading jewelry design software that help a number of jewelry designer achieving international awards for their work.

Original Software with Complete High End Equipment

Each class is facilitated with original software that’s maximized using high spec device and complete training equipment support. We ensure your achievement to master software operation such as Power Mill, Feature CAM, Jewelry CAD Dream Master and Accurate according to your chosen course programm.

YPCC has cooperative relationship with software developers, so we have an official license for use. Then we also have acces to always update the latest released version.

Guided by Professional Teachers and Practitioners

The teaching staff of YPCC are an experts in each field program. Through their experience in the related field, they have a better understanding the detail of the job detail. Also with the practically learning methode and problems in the real world, the training material will be perfectly conveyed to you.

After Course Facilities

As long as the study room is empty and there’s no class, YPCC allows every participants both active and graduated, to use class facility to improve your expertise. For our alumni, we are also willing to give consultation in line with the expertise they studied before.
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