Yayasan Pelatihan Cad Cam

CAD CAM Training Foundation is a non-formal educational institution that provides course in the field of CAD (3D design making), CAM (for machining) and Accounting.

Based in Bekasi, we are the best solution for you, who are eager to improve yourself in these fields, but lacking of access due to cost problems. Make sure you don’t lose motivation and hope because education always contributes to your success.

With those provisions, it will be easy for you to improve your skill continously until you become an expert in your chosen field and able to win the job market.

“What you see now is the starting point of change in your life. Draw each point into a line that eventually become a beautiful writing in your future life.”

Affordable Fee with Semi-Private Classes (Max. 4)

Guided by Professional Teachers and Practitioners

Original Software with Complete High End Equipment

The First Training Institution Presenting Jewelry Design Class

After Course Facilities

Available Class


Accurate Online and / Dekstop

Accounting software for small, medium and large companies that need reliable applications to record all company transactions.


Automates software your workflow from design to NC code. Reduce programming time, and consistent results for CNC milling, turning and wire applications.


3D Jewelry Design + Keyshot

Jewelry CAD Dream is the most powerful, robust and complete jewelry design solution. This professional software has a dynamic history, extensive jewelry making, and a large component library.


Website in Marketing Skills

You will be guided to create Blog, Company Profile, eCommerce & Membership Website using WordPress from Localhost to Online and how to manage it, SEO strategy & earn from the website.

Get Yourself Ready And Improve With YPCC.or.id

Modernization of the industry accompanied by the growth rate of advanced technology is impossibly to be avoided anymore. Everyone will be using computer and machine. But, don’t get wrong and be pesimistic about this condition! Because with those demand, it means there will be promising career as Brainware for that industrial hardware.

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