What iS Cad Cam?

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, that’s defined as a computer software that is useful for creating products both in whole products and in partition only. While CAM stands for Computer Aided Manufacturing. It is a software that’s useful for setting the work steps of production machines in the material processing so the products are produced in high detail and accuracy.
The industrial world has developed and changed. Now, in order to meet the high market demand, the production activities are speed up with machine. No wonder that the existence of a modern production machine need computers as operation tool. That’s why CAD CAM programs are emerged.

CAD CAM is a complementary, where the majority of manufacturing sectors use CNC (Compurter Numerical Control) machines in the production domain. Based on the flow, the design is originally made in the CAD program, then configured to be an instruction code through CAM programm. Then it is ready to be executed by a CNC machine.

Modernization of the industry accompanied by the growth rate of advanced technology is impossibly to be avoided anymore. Everyone will be using computer and machine. But, don’t get wrong and be pesimistic about this condition! Because with those demand, it means there will be promising career as Brainware for that industrial hardware.


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