Who We Are

Founded based on struggle spirit in achieving success and the experience of YPCC Founders, YPCC is established in 2019. Intended to be the one of the best non-formal educational institution in Indonesia which focus on training in the field of technology. Thus, we can help to improve human resources quality.

More specifically, YPCC is intended for those who need competent educational institution that’s willing to help developing skill in the field of technology with affordable fee.


Become Training Intitution that actively play role in developing human resources in the field of 3D product design and manufacturing.


  • To provide training medium with affordable cost without overriding the quality of learning
  • To establish learning method that can develop participants understanding fast
  • To make the participants being able to adjust with technology development and having quality personality for work
  • To create expert and skilled human resources in operating the latest industrial software.
The specific aim starts from the awareness of obstacles in getting education that the founder previously had experienced himself. Now, with the intention to give easy acces to technology education, we expect that YPCC can contribute concretely in educating people’s life equally, especially for those who are never tired looking for learning opportunity.

By presenting conducive learning environment, sufficient hardware and software, and supported by profesional teaching staff, we’re sure to help you polish up your skill in the field of technology.

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